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3 Secrets to a Stress-Free Wedding Morning

I’m so excited to share three of my best kept secrets for brides on how to have a stress free morning on their wedding day! These tips will ensure that you don’t feel rushed and that you start the day off on the right foot! Wedding days are full of many moving parts, and the way you begin the day can set the tone for the rest of it! You might not think that it’s possible to have a relaxed and stress free morning, but it totally is doable! I’ve seen it myself! Just keep the following tips in mind and you’ll be good to go!

1.Get ready at your venue or really close by!

This tip is number one for a reason! I realize that it’s not always ideal to get ready at your venue or super close by, BUT if you can I highly recommend doing so! Cutting down on the amount of time you’re in a car on a wedding day is key! That time could be spent with your family and friends, or even more portrait time for you and your groom!

I always recommend to my brides to look into getting an Airbnb, as well! Most likely, there is a place near your venue that has a ton of room and lots of gorgeous light (every photographer’s dream!). I would even bet that it might even be cost effective to rent a Airbnb than booking multiple hotel rooms!

2. Factor extra time for your hair & makeup…AND DON’T GO LAST!

Start your hair and makeup as early as you can! Even if your hair and make-up artists recommend a certain time, I would even suggest starting 1-2 hours earlier than the proposed time!

This way, you can hang out with your best girlfriends instead of being late to your first look or ceremony! If hair and makeup is behind, you might miss out on picture time, too! I’ve even heard of ceremonies starting late because all the ladies were still finishing up their hair and makeup! We definitely want to prevent this from happening!

Brides – make sure that you’re not the last one getting your hair and makeup done, as well! Even if some of your bridesmaids are finishing up, your photographer can start getting you into your stunning dress and onto your first look!

3. Have your details prepped for your photographer!

Even though I email a packing list to all my brides before their wedding days, I’m always blown away by how organized and prepared everything is when I arrive day-of! My brides are seriously the best!

Having all your details in a bag and ready to-go for your photographer allows them to not have to bother you with questions while you’re hanging out and getting ready with your girlfriends! Your photographer can get started right away on photographing all your pretty details!

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